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Micro hydro revolution

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Micro hydro is the most cost-effective and efficient source of alternative energy.

A micro hydro plant

A micro-hydro system will produce 10 to 100 times more power than photovoltaic or wind power systems for the same investment.

Gas barbecues

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We all love barbecues. But what’s best, gas or charcoal?

Gas barbecues are more eco-friendly than charcoal — they are more energy-efficient and release less pollution. Gas won’t give a funny flavour to your food like charcoal briquettes. Gas barbecues are not all expensive, and some are small enough to be taken on camping trips. Here’s where to find some online.

Garden Solar water feature

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Water fountains and other garden features can be powered by small solar panels. Here’s where to find the cheapest ones.


Small is powerful

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If you’re grid-connected, a small wind turbine will reduce your electricity bill 50 to 90%… Small wind turbines are silent and easy to set up.

Small wind

A small turbine should be placed at an unobstructed site, for optimum efficiency — a rooftop is fine, small turbines don’t need towers.

Don't bin it — compost it

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Clean and easy to use, a compost bin to recycle your organic waste is this year’s off-grid must-have accessory. Compost bins can be used in the city, placed in a garden or on a balcony. They reduce the mountain of waste and make something out of nothing. Here are the best ones available online.


Solar Jam & Rally

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SolarJam For those in the northeastern United States, a new half-day event called Solar Jam & Rally might be of interest. The event will be held Sat 28th Aug 2:00 to 6:00 pm at Burlington City Hall Park in Burlington, Vermont.
This solar-powered event is free and will feature live music, educational exhibits, and vegetable oil vehicles.

Uganda eco-retreat

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Bushara is no ordinary holiday destination. This island on lake Bunyonyi in Uganda was turned into a sustainable eco-tourism facility in the late 90’s by the Ugandan NGO The Lake Bunyonyi Development Company (LBCD).


The lake is one of the rare swimmable lakes in Africa and the area is teeming with wildlife – it’s not too far from the mountains, where you can spot gorillas.

GE to open renewable energy lab

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Megacorp General Electric doesn’t intend to be left out of the race for the new oil. The energy giant is opening a new $52 million research lab for renewable energy technologies near Munich, Germany.


The new lab is just another card in GE’s game to dominate the market for renewables.

US-Russian wind turbine breakthrough

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A team-up of engineers from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the Makeyev State Rocket Center in Miass, Russia has developed a new model of wind turbine for home use.


The turbine, which will be produced by company Wind Sail, is a vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) to be used as generator for off-the-grid and distributed-grid systems.