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And then there was street light

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Japanese city streets will soon have solar powered lights. Sharp Corporation is launching the new light, which combines a new type of solar cells with high-intensity LED lights.

Street light

The “Lumiwall” street light will be marketed from mid September at a retail price of 500,000 Yen ($4,000).

Inspiration comes first

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The Eco- marathon we previewed last week was a close contest between ‘Inspiration’ and ‘Team Green’ on Sunday at the
Grampian Transport Museum in Scotland. Team Green took the lead after the first run with Inspiration not far behind.

InspirationInspiration in action

They both improved in the second run as Inspiration closed the gap and finally went into the lead on the third run.

French Eco-festival

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The South West Eco-festival Sept 11th and 12th at the Ecocentre in Perigord, France

eco-friendly architecture, renewable energy, water management and waste recycling.

Adults – €4 free for children up to 12

How to start a Community

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Oct 15th to 17th at Redfield Community, Winslow, Bucks. Course organized by the Low Impact Living Initiative in association with ‘Diggers and Dreamers’ (the Directory of British Communities).

Sex and drugs and Biofuel for Neil Young

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Former Crosby Stills Nash and Young singer, Neil Young chose soya oil to power his 2004 USA tour. The singer was escorted by a fleet of biodiesel powered vans and buses.

Neil Young

Biodiesel is the fastest-growing fuel alternative in the USA. Army and school buses now run on this cleaner fuel in some parts of the country.

UK Camper van and motor-home rental

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Camper vans and Motor-homes combine fun and freedom. Going to a festival, or just a nice cheap family holiday? Want to wake up to the sound of the lark, not the sound of the landlady’s vacuum cleaner? Here’s where to find camper vans rentals and motor-homes for hire online.

VW van

Scotland hosts eco-car race

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The lightest, smallest cars in the world will be competing this weekend in a strange car race in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Gho2stHydrogen car Gh2ost and its driver

Teams from all over the planet will drive their vehicles around a 10-mile track during the Scottish round of the Eco-marathon, an annual fuel economy competition organised by Shell Global Solutions programme.

Techno rickshaws in India

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Bicycle rickshaws with a difference are a feature of the roads of Uttar Pradesh, India, this year. The rickshaws are part of a project called ‘Infothela’ (or info-cart) conceived in 2003 by the Indian Institute of Technology in Kanpur. They carry a computer with a high-speed, wireless Internet and aim to use technology to improve education, health care and access to agricultural information in India’s villages.

Infothela cart

Montana off-grid place for sale

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I have an off grid place in Montana for sale. Here is some info.