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Free power

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A 19th century invention may hold the key to 21st century energy saving.
Clean, renewable, with heat as their only byproduct, Stirling engines sit on top of other energy sources. Invented at the beginning of the 19th century the Stirling Engine enjoyed its heyday until the combustion engine came along.

Ricemill powered by a Stirling engine

Tap the energy in the wind

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Wind-Electric Design and Installation – 18th -23th October
Guest Instructor: Mick Sagrillo, Sagrillo Power & Light

Participants in this workshop will learn to design and install commercial wind generator systems. The workshop will cover system sizing, site analysis, safety issues and hardware specification.

Helping communities live off-grid

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The Sustainable Village is a ‘social enterprise’ which helps set up microenterprise projects in developing countries for energy generation, safe water, long-distance communication, sustainable agriculture.

Setting up solar panels in

They organise and provide all the ‘hard technology’ for the projects, from design and engineering, to supplying parts and developing websites.

My free loft in central London

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There’s something incredibly exciting about getting into an abandoned building — a huge, disused factory. It gets you right there, you’re scared and a bit disgusted because it’s dirty, but the size of it is just overwhelming. Never mind the dirt, the dust, the pigeon shit and the graffiti on the walls, we’ve just got into 4 storeys of free, empty, hundreds of square meters of space!

Cycle in the city

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The International Cycle Show 2004, London, is taking place right now, until the 26th Sept, at the Business Design Centre in Angel.

Your chance to see the new 2005 models and accessories.

Fee: £10 – for more information see

Solar pools

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You could make use of your swimming pool (or small lake) for much longer with a solar pool heating system.


Pool solar heaters are just a set of solar panels, or ‘collectors’, through which water pumped out of the swimming pool is circulated before being poured back into the pool.

How to go off-grid

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Quick Introduction to Renewable Energy – 16th October at Guemes Island Community Center, Washington State, US

This is an overview workshop of solar-electric, wind-electric, and microhydro-electric technologies. Participants will learn how to evaluate each resource and plan for high quality systems. Tours of renewable energy systems will supplement classroom sessions.

Build your own dome

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Self-build geodesic domes course on Dec 10th to 12th at the Low-Impact Living Initiative, Redfield Community, Winslow, Bucks, UK.


Build your own low-impact dwelling / storage / tent / spare room / retreat / kids hideaway …

Cycle in Alaska

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Sockeye Cycle organise cycle trips around Southeast Alaska and Northern Canada. They provide bike and camping equipment, or indoor lodging facilities if you prefer.