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Be your own Yes-Men in 3 steps

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The Yes-Men got international coverage when one of them impersonated a spokesman for Dow Chemicals and announced a multi-billion dollar compensation settlement for the people of Bhopal. Now they have a new movie out in the US and the UK.

It was the latest in a long line of politically inspired hoaxes targeting the World Bank, GATT and other global institutions. This time they managed to fool BBC Radio news. “We wish it had been Fox TV, but they couldn’t give a damn about Bhopal” said Yes Men spokesman Mike Bonanno.

In London to promote their new book, they told me how anyone could be a Yes Man, on a local scale. So if your elected officials are in league with developers, or the local newspaper editor is in the same branch of the freemasons, this is what you might want to do, as advised by the Yes Men:

Don’t forget your Solar Toothbrush

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is selling a titanium solar powered toothbrush that works without toothpaste.

The Soladey-3 “cleans and sanitizes without any toothpaste, forever” promises the maker.

For $45, here’s how it works: