di Caprio’s eco-ex

di Caprio’s eco-ex

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Two icons of eco-hipness have ended their relationship according to media reports. Supermodel Gisele Bundchen is said to have left actor Leonardo di Caprio, who’s celebrating his 31st birthday this week .

Brazilian Gisele, recently described by the boss of her own modelling agency as completely vacuous, has a better track record on the environment than her ex. Di Caprio’s claim to fame is that he drives a Prius — not very cool and not particularly green.

Bundchen by contrast has renounced fur, at a time when models like Naomi Campbell are returning to animal skins, and she campaigns for the rainforest in her native country.

True, the accompanying photo makes them look cool and is more flattering than the usual poses at Oscar events, but it shows that in their unguarded moments the couple were about as environmentally friendly as the Governator — walking along with packaging dangling off them — and are those leather shoes?

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