Morgan Spurlock’s off-grid TV show

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A new TV series by Morgan Spurlock features a couple living “off the grid” for 30 days.

Spurlock, star of Super-Size Me, met with the Editor of Off-Grid while he was reseaching the series, about people who change their lives for a month. The run concludes July 13 with a couple who spend a month without cars, cell phones, computers, television and other technologies.

The couple who are wedded to electronics and clueless about the energy crisis are, “a family of mass consumers who go to an experimental eco-village where they live, essentially, off the grid for 30 days.” says Spurlock.

World Environment Day & other events

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Today is World Environment Day — actually it lasts a week. Details of this and other events this month:

Jun 1-5, 2005

World Environment Day 2005
San Francisco, CA, USA
The World Environment Day theme selected for 2005 is Green Cities and the slogan is Plan for the Planet! The agenda is to give a human face to environmental issues; empower people to become active agents of sustainable and equitable development; promote an understanding that communities are pivotal to changing attitudes towards environmental issues; and advocate partnership which will ensure all nations and peoples enjoy a safer and more prosperous future.
1 415 355 9905 /

If You Love This Planet: A Plan to Heal the EarthIf You Love This Planet: A Plan to Heal the Earth – READ THIS BOOK – Buy it from Amazon

Other events follow

May Conferences and classes

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Rush to this month’s events

Here is a selection of later this month. Please email us if you want to publicise your event:

May 22-27, 2005

World Renewable Energy Congress
Aberdeen, Scotland
This landmark event brings together top international specialists and researchers, industrialists, manufacturers, financiers, policy makers and government officials. Congress participants will share the latest ideas and innovations, establish valuable contacts and develop new collaborations in renewable energy and the environment.
+44 (0) 1224 330 428 /

May 22-27, 2005

Renewable Energy In Developing Countries
ITDG-Peru Training Center (CEDECAP) in Cajamarca, Peru

European Wind Energy Conference & Exhibition 2006

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Not just hot air

Take advantage of this opportunity to share your experience and present your products and services to the international wind community. All accepted abstracts will be presented in plenary, parallel or poster sessions and be published in the proceedings. All authors will be notified by the end of September 2005 of the decision of the Selection Committee. All abstracts must be submitted online before 30th June 2005.

For further information contact Cristina Munteanu at +32 2 776 0996 or

Wind Energy Explained: Theory, Design and Application“Wind Energy Explained: Theory, Design and Application” BUY IT FROM AMAZON UK


Conference Subjects:

Right to Roam the UK Wilderness

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The Ramblers’ Association will be leading five huge guided walks next weekend to take advantage of new rights of access in the UK. The detailed routes are at the end of this story.

The new “Freedom to Roam” over mountain, moor, heath and downland — will soon apply across England and Wales. This Saturday, several regions win their freedom, opening up long miles of Northumbria, Cumbria and North Yorkshire, plus every inch of Welsh access land, to walkers. The southeast, the Peak District, the northwest and the West Country have already gone live, while Devon, Cornwall, the Midlands and the east of England will follow later this year. That adds up to 5,000 square miles of new views you could never explore before.


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Here is a listing of all paid-for festivals until the end of July.

We will be listing Free festivals in a separate article later this month, and also will be listing other eco-political outdoor events across Europe shortly.

Holmfirth Festival
Thursday 5 May until Sunday 8 May 2005
Holmfirth, West Yorkshire – MAP
Cost: £48 / £42(concs) / £16 (12-16yrs). Day tickets: £15 – £25 / £10 – £23 (concs) / £8 – £10 (12-16yrs)

Southport Weekender
Friday 6 May until Sunday 8 May 2005
Southport, Merseyside – MAP
Cost: around £110 per person (sharing a chalet)

Annual Cannabis March & Festival
Saturday 7 May 2005
Brixton, London – MAP
Cost: FREE

UK National Skating week, May 8-16

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Get your skates on for the UK’s first National Inline Skating Week. All the dates are listed below. But before you start rolling, remember the UKISA skating guidlines:

Considerate. Skate on the left, pass on the right announcing your directions to others with hand and voice signals where appropriate.

Legal. Follow national and local laws governing skating and the Highway Code when on the road.

Aware. Take road and weather conditions into account.

Safe. Wear a cycle or skate helmet together with wrist, knee and elbow protection. Make regular equipment checks and repair or replace where necessary. Wear lights and hi visibility clothing where appropriate.

Skill. Skate in areas that are suitable for your skill level — and aim to further improve your skills.

Listings for free beginner lessons and group skating events are being updated on a daily basis at, they will also list discounted specialised instruction. The web site also links to a map of each of the meeting points

Here are the dates:

Clean Energy Expo, London

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Islington, London. A three day show and conference on the latest in renewable Energy technology. The exhibition focuses on the clean use and production of energy including the latest developments in alternative fuels and renewables generation. There is an emphasis on smart automotive and transport technologies at the event which taqkes place at the Business Design Centre.

May 5th: Exhibition and Seminars & Workshops
May 6th: Exhibition and Main Conference
May 7th: Exhibition only.

Clean Energy conference web site

Alternative UK and Europe Festivals 2005

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Going to an event? Want to look cool and make new friends? Then why not hand out stickers for! Get in touch a week or two before and we’ll try to arrange to send you a pile. For more info, or to send us info you want to see on this site, email us at


MAYDAY was International Workers Day, born out of the struggle for an 8 hour day in 1886. Over 100 years later our lives are still taken up by the world of work. Even more so now, as work has become more casualised (temporary contracts, flex time, part time, no time!) forcing us to adapt to the point where it’s hard to tell when, where or even if we are working. This leaves us in a situation where our lives are on hold, on call and at the mercy of the market.

Our leisure time too is filled with anxieties. The anxiety of not being able to have enough money to pay the rent, go to the cinema, a nice restaurant, shop for food, clothes, anything! In reality our work never finishes and when we’re not at work we still end up making some other person even richer.

Around Europe people call this new working and living condition “precarity”. The answer – set your own agenda. Here are a few events you might like to consider.


Hockerton Housing Project Master Class

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Hockerton Housing Project Master Class/Tour is a one day a practical case study of sustainable off-grid living, on July 14th 2005.

The Hockerton Housing Project (HHP) is an innovative residential sustainable development in the village of Hockerton near Southwell, Nottinghamshire. The architects were Professor Brenda Vale and Dr Robert Vale, whose own ground-breaking home in Southwell provided much of the inspiration and know-how for this project. HHP was completed in September 1998 after three years of planning and 18 months of construction. They have been designed as one of the first zero energy residential systems in the UK reducing life cycle energy to a minimum and are amongst the most energy efficient, purpose built dwellings in Europe. Maximum use of benign, organic and recycled materials has been made in the construction and the development is designed to be, to a large extent, self-sufficient.