Cruise boat fuelled by fish waste

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Norway cruise company to use rotten fish to power their engines.

“We are talking about an energy source (LBG) from organic waste, which would otherwise have gone up in the air. This is waste material from dead fish, from agriculture and forestry,” Hurtigruten CEO Daniel Skjeldam.

“Our main aim is to improve and cut emissions,” he said.

The pleasure boats go to both the Artic and Antarctic with routes in and around Greenland, Iceland and most Northern parts of Russia.

The shipping sector is facing tougher international regulations, including cuts in CO2 emissions by at least 50 per cent by 2050 compared with 2008 levels, and a ban on fuels with sulphur content above 0.5 per cent from 2020 against 3.5 per cent now.

Hurtigruten wants to be carbon neutral by 2050.

“The changes in the Arctic over the past 20-30 years are not caused by carbon dioxide emissions in the Arctic, but you can see the effects of the emissions elsewhere in the world first in the Arctic,” Skjeldam said.

“Our crews have seen glaciers retreat and plastic waste on beaches where they land,” making this a positive contribution to the environment on a larger scale.

Norway’s Hurtigruten is investing 7 billion crowns ($826 million) over three years to adapt its 17-strong fleet.

Six of its older vessels will be retrofitted to run on a combination of liquefied natural gas (LNG), electric batteries and liquefied bio gas (LBG).

Rancho de Caldera, Boquete, Panama

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Green Globe certified off the grid Rancho de Caldera eco-project, is a case study in what an eco-resort should be.
Its a recently launched clean energy resource center, an eco-resort, gourmet restaurant and organic veggie gardens. Located in Boquete, Panama the resort owners strive to provide an extraordinary, affordable, luxurious tropical venue.

Every eco-resort says they cater to meetings, vacations, honeymoons, nature lovers, yoga fans, gourmets, honeymooners and small groups – but Rancho de Caldera really delivers. It has world class, sustainable, off the grid, solar powered green hospitality and mouthwatering cuisine.

South African Eco-resorts (How to avoid the world cup)

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You won’t find a TV at any of these four South African retreats:


071 683 4133
If eco-chic’s a real word, then it was invented to describe Reflections Guest Farm. Many talk the eco talk, but this lodge, built on 26 hectares of what was once alien vegetation and pine forest, is most certainly walking the eco walk too.
After an enormous clear-out, the new indigenous vegetation is thriving – a tribute to Tim’s determination. It is quite hard to believe what has been achieved here actually.
The three chalets are totally “off-grid”, which means a full solar/ wind turbine hybrid system. The pine-wood chalets are cosy, yet spacious with crackling fires, soft-cotton sheets and wrap-around decks.
Sip an ice-cold lager in your outdoor shower while gazing out at the raptors circling above the chalets.

Four remote adventure lodges

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here are some remote lodges that could be fun and are all definitely eco


Unaware that the Cook Inlet tides vary widely, we were nonplussed to see that the water level and the floating dock, where we were to meet our host, had dropped 38 feet below the bank.

After a descent on a steep wood plank, we boarded a motorboat for a foggy 45-minute ride to a hulking peeled-log lodge on a rocky cove. In a roadless area off the grid, we were beyond civilization;

Enforced eco-lodges in South Africa

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With electricity supply from the national grid becoming a problem, accommodation businesses in South Africa are discovering some eco-sensitive souls who have decided they do not need to be held hostage by power cuts and rising prices. We stayed in loads of different types of tourist accommodation, ranging from backpackers’ bughouses and tiny campsites to five star hotels and luxury game lodges, and the one thing all the good ones have in common is a sincere desire to offer guests a good experience. The basics of that good experience usually constitute a warm, comfortable place to sleep, hot showers, good food, tea and coffee on demand, and drinks that are cold.

Why fly when you can take the bus?

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All aboard

THE FIRST EVER BUS SERVICE from London to Australia reached its final destination last Sunday (9th December) after an epic three month voyage.Josh Loeb reports:

OzBus provides people wishing to travel from London to Sydney with an alternative to flying, up to a point. The company claims to support “sustainable eco-tourism.” However, the service does include one flight – from East Timor to Darwin in Australia.

Mark Creasey, the company’s founder, said media interest had led to difficulties during the inaugural journey.

Send us your favourite eco-resort

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Welcome to the Beta version of a new kind of travel web site, specialising in eco-destinations, and ethical ways of getting there.

We want to hear from YOU, dear readers, with any eco-friendly havens you can recommend to the rest of the Web. Of course we recognise that the system is imperfect. We will always cause some damage just by gettinginto a plane or a car. So we will be featuring companies that at least offset their carbon.

Anyway, that’s an ongoing debate. Most times, when people want to travel to clear their head and get a bit of peace of mind, the last thing you want to worry about is damaging the environment. We are here to give you the tools to holiday with a clear conscience.

Today, Suenos Tulum on Tulum Beach Mexico, 90 miles south of Cancun at the end of a stretch of shoreline on the Caribbean Sea known as the Maya Riviera.