Coasteering the UK

Coasteering the UK

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Chances are that unless you belong to the very specific social circle of water sports enthusiasts, you will never have heard of the activity known as coasteering. Little did you know that you were missing out on some of the best fun to be had by the seaside. Coasteering means travelling along the coastline either on foot or in the water.

Having started out in north and west Wales, the activity has now spread to every corner of the kingdom, gaining popularity in notable surf destinations such as Cornwall and Dorset as well as the highlands and isles of Scotland.

While most aqua-thrill seekers might decide to book a surfing lesson, or rent a body board or kayak; those in the know will be keeping an eye out for the ever-increasing numbers of commercial coasteering tours. The activity offers a mix of ocean swimming, rock pooling and canyoning along the nearest piece of coastline, all packaged up nicely in the shape of a two to three hour predetermined circuit.

If this sounds intimidating it needn’t be! With most companies offering an arsenal of four to five circuits of differing levels of expertise. These can vary from simply a calm swim and walk along the cliffs – exploring the various nooks and crannies – to the more physically challenging climbing, jumping, sliding affair.

TYF Adventure offers an amazing range of courses just outside of the picturesque cathedral city of St Davids, Wales. With amazing beaches such as Whitesands and green pastures as far as the eye can see, a quiet weekend country escape quickly becomes an enticing prospect.

There truly is room for everyone in this sport, which offers both a great work out and a whole new perspective on the beauty of our isolated little island.

Safety is obviously at the forefront of everyone’s mind – with wetsuits, lifejackets and hard helmets standard issue within the price – all you should have to bring is a pair of trainers that you don’t mind getting wet and a waterproof camera if you wish to get a few snaps in.

While the prices might be slightly steeper compared to other water activities, it really is great value for money and group discounts are usually negotiable, so get your friends and family down with you for a great mid afternoon adventure and join in with the latest craze on or offshore.