Compost It

Compost It

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Composting toilets are great off-grid toilets. No need for water or chemicals, they treat human and organic household waste by composting and dehydration, and the solid end product can be used as a fertiliser.

Composting toilets can be set up anywhere, in a house, next to a beach hut, on unusual sites where water is scarce or pipes impossible to install. You can buy one – they are barely more expensive than normal septic sewage systems – or build one yourself. There are tips and manuals available online.

Odour problems have long been eliminated by clever use of vents and models on the market today are hygienic and low-maintenance. Nothing like the old pit toilet you might have used on a camping trip!


Everything you need to know about composting toilets

Sustainable Building Sourcebook on composting toilets

For tips and books on how to build a composting toilet

You can download a manual from here

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