Get your bike out of the shed!

Get your bike out of the shed!

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It is time to get the bike out again and leave the cosiness of the gas guzzler behind. You can warm up slowly too with the bike that gives your body and the environment a break. Among our favourites is a little electric bike and super stylish folding bicycles… Here’s more:

The Founder-S is a folding bike by koga miyata. It is stable and comfortable to ride, details we liked were the built-in spherical back light and luggage rack… All so stylish. Price £995

The Mezzo is a great looking folding bicycle, created by ex-Formula 1 engineer Jon Whyte. It is well balanced, which means comfortable ride and good control of the bike. Approx £500.

The Moulton is a must-have if you want to look good on the road; and also a strong, safe and comfortable touring bike. It is a small-wheeled bicycle with good suspension and a very stiff frame made out of a lattice of thin metal tubes. It is not a folding bike but it comes apart easily for stowing away in a car boot. There are different models, with 8 to 24 speeds, manufactured to order. Prices range from £695 to £5000.

The euro mini ebike is a folding electric bike. This little thing can go up to 15mph and has a range of up to 12 miles — not huge, but great in the city. Folded, it is 81 cm long and it weighs 21 kilos without the battery – a 36 volts NIMH battery that can be charged in 5 hours at a standard 220 volt wall outlet.
Price: £1049

Now that you have bought your bike, here’s a book that will help you enjoy it:

Cycle Europe: 20 Tours“Cycle Europe: 20 Tours” – buy it from Amazon UK

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