Escape to the foothills of India

Escape to the foothills of India

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Amongst this vast country’s cities, beaches and deserts, people find their niche and enjoy their time. In a country with a population in excess of one billion people, however, there will be a crowding problem. For those of us who appreciate silence and tranquility, the northern state of Uttarakhand offers salvation from the incessant hustle and bustle of the city streets.

The state capital of Dehradun is only a six-hour train ride from Delhi, but the difference in setting is as extreme as it gets. The temperatures are milder and the people are fewer while the surroundings are greener and the atmosphere is calmer. The slower pace of day-to-day life means that you can relax and enjoy yourself that much more easily.

On top of all of this is Uttarakhand’s ace up the sleeve: the Himalaya’s. Boasting some of India’s most popular hill stations as well as twelve national parks and wildlife sanctuaries located at altitudes varying from 800 to 5400 meters; the Himalayas represent a large proportion of Utterakhand’s tourism industry revenue. Various trekking companies are on hand from the numerous hill stations, offering enthusiastic tourists their services and knowledge of the surrounding foothills.

At the hill station of Mussoorie are the Trek Himalaya Tours Pvt. Ltd. headquarters. They have become a respected trek operator over the years, with a wide selection of local routes and expertise. Their focus has always been one of environmental and cultural sensitivity, while providing high quality service with a personal touch, with group itineraries customisable depending on the season and ability of the client. A percentage of their income is also donated back to the people of the Himalayas through the Trans-Himalayan Aid Society (TRAS) – a Canadian non-profit society that supports local initiative improvement projects throughout the Himalayan region.

Whether it be by yourself or with a few friends, the views and serenity on offer makes this an unmissable experience.