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    There will be different Archaeology dig sites for players when this RS new skill is released in game. Here you could learn requirements, locations and other information on these dig sites.

    Excavating with release of RS Archaeology

    With the release of RS3 Archaeology, you will be able to obtain materials from excavation hotspots at dig sites. You can do this in the same areas but there will be no competition for resources.
    There are various Archaeology dig sites which require different skill level. You could learn details of these dig sites below.

    Requirements of RS Archaeology dig sites

    1. Varrock Dig Site
    Unlock: level 1 Archaeology
    Note: It features the Archaeology skill’s tutorial.
    2. Kharid-Et
    Unlock: level 5 Archaeology
    Location: South of the Duel Arena
    Note: It can be unlocked after completing the first Archaeology qualification.
    3. The Infernal Source
    Unlock: level 20 Archaeology
    Location: Deep below the Wilderness, under the scar left by the Sword of Edicts
    4. Everlight
    Unlock: level 42 Archaeology
    Location: Eastern coast of Morytania
    5. Stormguard Citadel
    Unlock: level 70 Archaeology
    Location: Temple of Ikov (North of Ardougne)
    Note: It is accessible from the surface at the Temple of Ikov.
    6. Warforge!
    Unlock: level 76 Archaeology
    Location: Old Mobilising Armies location (South-west of Feldip Hills)
    Note: The area effectively splits into three.

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