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    Make your guests feel special by adding a touch of sparkle to their bedroom. You don’t have to go way over the top?? but you can add the all important finishing touches to make them feel welcome in your home.

    [url=][b]personalized gift[/b][/url] Fitted carpets typically reign supreme when it comes to the choice of flooring in guest-rooms. Add cheap rugs with a deep shag pile to help the high traffic areas looking pristine. Many of today’s bedroom rugs are machine washable or easy to clean so they can be freshen up periodically to keep your guest-room looking at its best.

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    [url=][b]personalized gifts for him[/b][/url]Make a feature wall behind the headboard by using on-trend wallpapers with a metallic sheen. If you have a plain headboard then you can use patterned wallpaper as a chic contrast. On the other hand if you have a statement headboard or a patterned fabric one opt for a plain wall as the background to enhance and draw attention to the headboard itself. Use wall art which is in keeping with the style of your room?? for example contemporary frame-less canvasses portraying calming floral blooms or a traditional print or picture in a gilt frame to team with your soft furnishings.

    Blackout curtains are perfect for your guest-room. Full length bedroom curtains will also give a chic look to your windows. Coordinate patterns with your wallpaper or headboard to give the room continuity and stylish flair. Voile panels can be used for window dressings or to create a contemporary room divider!

    Apart from a central light use bedside table lamps to enable your guests to read or watch TV in bed. Avoid using candles ?C they may look pretty but they can potentially be a fire riskpersonalized gifts for him?? especially if you’re guests have enjoyed an evening with plenty of alcoholic beverages!

    [b][url=]customized gifts for him[/url][/b] Make your guests feel comfortable by using bed throws with a satin or silk finish. These will add sparkle to the room as well as an additional layer of bedding for guests who feel the cold! Bedside tables are a must?? one each side of a double bed or a single if you have twin beds. Use plenty of cushions for comfort and to make a good impression when they walk into the room! Keep colours neutral and you’ll be able to add further touches of sparkle with the use of gilded framed mirrors?? satin bedspreads and a glitzy gold headboard.

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