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    We all came from childhood, from the wonderful time when we do all with our plush toy together – sleeping with it in an embrace, talk, play, eat … But over the years friends grow old, worn, torn, sometimes put to the attic, in a closet or garage.

    To avoid such situations will help “First plush” that receives patients from all over the world!

    Steady course of plush patient treatment is 14-21 days, according to type of the severity of the condition. The clinic successfully cope with a variety of toy injuries – limb damage or complete absence, the absence of a teddy coating or degraded artificial fur, plastic and reconstruction of faces and limbs of varying complexity. Also we are struggling with served its turn filler, damage or furniture absence – eyes, nose, claws, etc.

    To calculate the time of stay in the hospital of the first toy clinic and cost of restoration services we need to see pictures of toy which needs assistance. You can attach photographs to your application via our feedback application form on our website. ( All further negotiations and coordination are conducted via e-mail.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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