Green map of the Big Apple

Green map of the Big Apple

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The are making a green energy map of New York, which will feature

‘Energetic Enterprises’, like green businesses & services, local food production & purchasing, energy/environment research & training programs;

‘Empowered Mobility’ : greenways, bike paths & bike parking, ferries & water-borne transport, eco-tours, pedestrian & mass transit adventures, natural gas stations & hybrid fuel vehicle choices, travel impacts compared;

‘Energy Bright Lights’ : conservation resources, renewable and alternative power (solar, wind, fuel cell, cogeneration, bio-based), people power (organizations, agencies, education resources, energy pioneers & perhaps celebrity tips), waste reduction/composting, green space & regenerative landscapes; and
‘Energy Dark Sides’ : traffic impacts, power generation sites & related pollution (air quality, oil spills, remediation, true costs to society), climate change predictions & infrastructure impacts, wasteful habits, blackouts & injustice.

To find out more and suggest sites see the website

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