How to make a Solar Oven

How to make a Solar Oven

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If you are travelling and want to cook some food you foraged on your journey – why not try using a solar oven?

You will need:

A medium size pizza box (Pizza Hut boxes work great)
Black construction paper
Extra-wide aluminum foil
Plastic (plastic window covering from a hardware store works best)
Magic marker

Tape foil to the inside bottom of the box.
Cover the foil with black paper.
Tape in place.

Put the box on the plastic.
Draw the outline of the box on the plastic with the marker.
Cut the plastic about 1/4 inch inside the marks.

On the top of the box, draw a line one inch from all sides.
Cut along front and side lines BUT NOT along the back.
This will be the hinge for the flap.
Carefully fold open the flap. (CONTINUED AFTER AD)

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Cut a piece of foil the size of the flap.
Glue it to the side of the flap that faces INTO the box.
Flatten out all the winkles.
Wipe glue smears off with a damp towel before they dry.

Tape the plastic to the inside of the box.
Tape one side first, then the opposite side.
Make it tight so it looks like glass.
Tape the other edges.
Seal tight so no air can get in.

Cut a piece of string as long as the box.
Tape one end to the top of the flap.
Push a small nail into the back of the box so you have a place to tie the string.

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