Morgan Spurlock’s off-grid TV show

Morgan Spurlock’s off-grid TV show

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A new TV series by Morgan Spurlock features a couple living “off the grid” for 30 days.

Spurlock, star of Super-Size Me, met with the Editor of Off-Grid while he was reseaching the series, about people who change their lives for a month. The run concludes July 13 with a couple who spend a month without cars, cell phones, computers, television and other technologies.

The couple who are wedded to electronics and clueless about the energy crisis are, “a family of mass consumers who go to an experimental eco-village where they live, essentially, off the grid for 30 days.” says Spurlock.The programme was made at the Dancing Rabbit Eco-Village in Missouri – a new community still building up to its intended 500-1000 population.

Their Web site says: “We are housed in a variety of living arrangements, eat a variety of foods, and work on varied projects. Our society is flexible enough to include egalitarian communities, cohousing, and individual households. We may have different approaches to some issues, but the common desire for environmental sustainability underlies all key decisions at Dancing Rabbit.

Although Dancing Rabbit strives for self-sufficiency and economic independence, we do not sequester ourselves from mainstream America. Rather, outreach and education are integral to our goals. We vigorously promote ourselves as a viable example of sustainable living and spread our ideas and discoveries through visitor programs, academic and other publications, speaking engagements, and the like.”

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The series runs on cable net FX.

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