Off-grid houses for sale

Off-grid houses for sale

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If you want to live off-grid and you have the ready cash, there are off-grid environment-friendly houses for sale out
there. But they are hard to mortgage. You may need to buy them outright. Here’s where to find them on the internet:

The Earthship website lists off-grid houses built according to the Earthship biotecture principles: out of recycled tyres and cans.

The environmental directory EcoBusinessLinks has a list of real estate locators and houses for sale across the USA.

HealthyHomesforSale is a website dedicated to finding, buying and selling eco-friendly off-grid homes. list houses off-grid houses for sale

Environmental real estate in Australia

If you don’t want to build your house yourself, a fun and cheaper option could be to buy an old derelict off-grid building and do it up. is a UK real estate agent specialised in ancient, derelict buildings like industrial warehouses, farm barns, churches.

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