Help and advice to get started

Help and advice to get started

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Professional help is available whether what you need is advice on which solar panels to buy, or how to build the most eco-friendly and efficient house.

Ecoarc drawing
Drawing of eco house by Ecoarc

In the USA, the architects from Enertia help plan and design ecological, energy efficient homes.

Encraft is a renewable energy consultancy based in the UK. They provide project specifications, advice and energy analyses and have helped setting up tens of systems across the UK, ranging from small wind turbines to biomass and solar heating systems.

Ecoarc are another architect agency which specialises in ecological and sustainable buildings. They have built lots of homes, schools, community centres, and even a whole village, in the UK.

Archicentre in Australia offers architectural advice about energy efficiency and sustainability to home builders and buyers.

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