White Noise

White Noise

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Going off-grid is not just a matter of renewable energy or leaving a light footprint.

Its also about being able to drop yourself out of the urban melee, whether you are using meditation or disappearing from sight like John in Terminator 3.

Being able to block out annoying background noise is a way of slipping off the grid in the middle of town.

The Sleep Sound Generator (click to buy) quiets noise so you can rest….

Available at Hammacher Schlemmer, this compact device produces a gentle whooshing noise that helps block out intermittent or continuous annoying sounds such as traffic and ticking clocks so that you can relax or fall asleep easily.

It can be used during the day to mask distracting sounds for anyone requiring a quiet environment for concentration. Sound is fully adjustable for tone and volume and has two frequency levels for broader range.

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