Why fly when you can take the bus?

Why fly when you can take the bus?

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All aboard

THE FIRST EVER BUS SERVICE from London to Australia reached its final destination last Sunday (9th December) after an epic three month voyage.Josh Loeb reports:

OzBus provides people wishing to travel from London to Sydney with an alternative to flying, up to a point. The company claims to support “sustainable eco-tourism.” However, the service does include one flight – from East Timor to Darwin in Australia.

Mark Creasey, the company’s founder, said media interest had led to difficulties during the inaugural journey.

He said: “There has been an awful lot of media attention, so the trip had a bit of a Big Brother feel about it. In Rumania a film crew turned up, and in Turkey the Turkish version of CNN wanted to film us.”

Mark added that OzBus was looking into ways of transporting its passengers from East Timor to Darwin by sea, so that the entire trip could be done without flying, but he said that this was not currently feasible due to erratic shipping services and obstructions by the Australian government.

A one way ticket to Sydney by OzBus costs £3,750 – over seven times more than a return flight. However, whilst an average flight from London to Sydney emits around 1.9 tonnes of carbon dioxide, environmentally-friendly customers of OzBus will be hoping that by taking the scenic route they can reduce their carbon footprint.

The overland journey to Australia covers 10,000 miles and 20 countries, and OzBus’ itinerary includes visits to wildlife preservation parks like India’s Corbett tiger reserve.

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