Why we recommend Ecotricity

Why we recommend Ecotricity

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This site is all about living off the grid, so why are we carrying an ad for power delivered down the grid?

Well, let’s face it — one reason is that we need the money which will come from each one of you that switches from an old dinosaur power supplier to this new, young, vibrant company (that’s enough suck-ass – Ed!).

But there are two other reasons why we are proud to recommend Ecotricity to our UK readers: ALL Ecotricity’s power comes from renewable, wind power. And it always has. The company was set up for that reason. At a time when UK consumers are paying a supplement of £5 BILLION to help the old power companies switch just 10% of their output to renewable energy, Ecotricity is a no-brainer.

The second reason is that founder Dale Vince embodies the virtues that we admire at Off-Grid. He started the company when he was living in a trailer in a field in Gloucestershire. He fought blinkered locals for the right to put up a small wind turbine in his field, and then parlayed that into his first money-earning turbine. Now he has an office and many turbines, But he still has lunch in his local health food cafe most days.

Vince is fully aware of the political importance of what he is doing, and not afraid to stand up and be counted in the battle against Big Oil and other key enemies of the environment.

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