Wilderness Scotland

Wilderness Scotland

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Climbing in the bleak mid-winter may not be the sanest of ideas, but the breathtaking views of the snow-capped peaks of the ‘Five Sisters’ in the Scottish highlands will most definitely make you forget the cold air.

Adventure and eco-tourism company, Wilderness Scotland can make the majestic views of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland your once in a lifetime experience. And their dedication to eco-tourism makes them a smart choice.

They were named the Best Green Tour Operator at the World Travel Awards in 2008.

Designed to minimize impact on Scotland’s environment, the company offers walking, biking, canoeing and kayaking group holidays. Travelers may also take part in self-guided walking holidays, family activities holidays, or have a tour tailor-made.

Wilderness Scotland is committed to offering financial support to three of Scotland’s leading conservation organizations – The Scottish Wildlife Trust, Trees for Life and the John Muir Trust.

“Our vision for the 21st Century is one in which tourism can play a major role in helping people to enjoy, experience and connect with the amazing natural environments in which we live. It is our hope that this connection will inspire all of us to greatly value the natural world and to embrace a more sustainable way of living,” says their website.